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During the evening hours of May 14, 2013, members of the WPS Drug Unit with the assistance of the Tactical Support Team (SWAT) & District 3 Community Support Unit, executed a CDSA search warrant at a residence located in the 100 block of Bender Bay.

Police located and seized the following items:

  • 296 Marihuana Plants – estimated street value of $331,520
  • 77 grams dried packaged Marihuana – estimated street value $770
  • $19,000 in cash
  • Grow Op Equipment valued at $15,000

A forty-two (42) year old male and a thirty-four (34) year old female were charged with Possess Substance for the Purpose of Trafficking, Possess Proceeds of Crime & Production of a Controlled Substance.

Both suspects were released on a Promise to Appear.


The average marihuana plant will yield approximately four (4) ounces of marihuana.

(This is an intentional low assumption to arrive at a fair street value estimate.)

  • 296 plants x 4 oz = 1,184 oz
  • 1,184 oz x 28 grams = 33,152 grams
  • 33,152 grams x $10 = $331,520

Depending on supply & demand, the average price on the street for one gram of marihuana is ten (10) dollars.  Hence a street value of $331,520

If you smoked one gram of marihuana every day – 33,229 grams of marihuana (33,152 + 77) you would have enough weed to last you over ninety-one (91) years.

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