WPS REPORTS MURDER #24 – November Turning Out to be Deadly Month



The Winnipeg Police Service is reporting another Homicide.

On November 21, 2013 emergency personnel were dispatched to the 100 block of Mayfair Avenue regarding the report of an assault.

On arrival, an adult male was located and later transported to hospital in critical condition.  He has since succumbed to his injuries.

The victim has been identified as Stacy Ralph Barkman (39) years of Winnipeg.

Police advise the investigation revealed several people were socializing when an argument occurred between the victim and suspect.   The argument ended with the suspect physically assaulting the victim about the upper body.  The suspect then fled the scene prior to police arrival.

The victim and suspect were not previously known to each other.

Members of the Homicide Unit continued with the investigation and subsequently located and arrested a suspect due to his alleged involvement in the killing.

Patrick Jeremy Hill (25) years of God’s Lake First Nation was originally charged with Aggravated Assault.  He is now facing a further charge of 2nd Degree Murder.

He has been detained at the Provincial Remand Centre.


Barkmans murder is the 24th killing reported in Winnipeg this year.

The WPS have investigated four (4) homicides in the month of November.

Five (5) killings were recorded in the month of June this year.

A total of three (3) murders remain unsolved representing an 87.5% solvency rate.

This is the sixth (6th) murder where victims were beaten to death after suffering some form of blunt force trauma.  Ten (10) homicide victims died as a result of stabbing and four (4) victims died as a result of suffering gun shot wounds.

Two (2) victims died from drowning and the cause of deaths for the remaining victims has not been made public.


Historical dates when WPS recorded Homicide #24:

2012 – Oct 8
2011 – Aug 5 (Record year – 41 Homicides)
2010 – 22 Homicides Recorded
2009 – Oct 11
2008 – Nov 8
2007 – Nov 17
2006 – 22 Homicides Recorded
2005 – Dec 2
2004 – Oct 9 (Previous Record Year – 34 Homicides 100% solvency)

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  1. I’ve made mental note that such reports of house party violence seems to spike on the day of or a few days following various type of social assistance or GST cheques coming out (“Cheque Day!” as many recipients gleefully call it). Haven’t had the time to go so far as to document and graph to see if there is such a spike. Have you noticed this possible correlation in your experience?

    Conversely, I wonder if crimes of desperation such as muggings are higher after it has been a week or two since a “Cheque Day.”

    I’ve certainly noticed other patterns related to “Cheque Day(s),” notably extremely long lines in the Cityplace Liquor Mart and far more than usual people and displays of degradation in Portage Place. Given that “Cheque Days” does cause some notable behaviours, I would not be surprised if it would influence crime patterns as well.

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