lemon kush, day 50

Winnipeg Police Officers took down a $1.5 million dollar marijuana grow operation from a Lindenwoods home Wednesday.

A search warrant was executed at a home in the first 100-block of cul-de-sac Castlebury Court March 21.

Once inside, police found 1,360 marijuana plants, worth $1,523,200 if sold on the street.

They also found $45,000 in packaged pot, about 18 lbs., $25,000 worth of grow equipment and $1,150 cash.

A 41-year-old female and 55-year-old male are facing numerous drug-related offences.

Both were released on promises to appear.


So how do the Police arrive at a street value estimate?

The average marihuana plant will yield approximately four (4) ounces per plant.

(This is an intentional low yield estimate to arrive at a fair street value estimate.)

1,360 plants x 4 oz = 5,440 oz

5,440 oz x 28 grams = 152,320 grams

152,320 grams x $10 = $1,523.200

Depending on supply & demand, the average price on the street for one gram of marihuana is ten (10) dollars.  Hence a street value of $1,523,200.

Eighteen (18) pounds of marihuana = Two hundred eighty eight (288) ounces.

Two hundred eighty eight (288) ounces of marihuana = Eight thousand and sixty four (8,064) grams

If Cheech Marin smoked one (1) gram of marihuana a day – Eighteen (18) pounds of marihuana would provide him with enough weed to last him for over twenty-two (22) years.

That’s a lot of weed.

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